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Reaper's Edge the Tirsia Pugna Phase

We've recently been asked why we don't give out more instructional lessons or analysis on the page of after action videos or accounts. Well for one we don't try and make comments on things we don't have first hand experience in, unless we actually have been In similar scenarios. Unlike some others, we strive to speak on what we actually know.

Everyone has an opinion but that doesn't trump the facts as they actually were for those on site. Second, while we can evaluate and estimate what could be done to learn from others experiences, we try not to go on social media "teaching" people by others perceived mistakes- with no way to clarify it online via txt: when we know first hand this material is not something you want to just "guess at".

When other pages with no affiliations share our material with no real concept of what the context is in our video: WE laugh for a while at the lack of working knowledge. Then just remove the material so it can no longer be shared and carry on.

If you are trying to use the Internet to be the basis for your skillset development, be especially careful of free advice. Much like in everyday life, it's worth exactly what you pay for it most of the time. Talk is as cheap as internet access these days.

Shared knowledge should be a good thing.

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